Today’s Worship–January 4th, 2012

Greetings Saints!

Today’s Bible Reading & Verse

Job 1-5

And he said: “Naked I came from my mother’s womb,
And naked shall I return there.
The Lord gave, and the Lord has taken away;
Blessed be the name of the Lord.” Job 1:21


To endure the cross is not tragedy; it is the suffering which is the fruit of an exclusive allegiance to Jesus Christ. Dietrech Bonhoeffer

Today’s Song Story

Blessed Assurance

It might seem unlikely that a blind writer of hymns living in a slum and a wealthy woman living in a mansion would have anything in common –– but Fanny Crosby, the blind hymn writer, was a humble woman with a number of distinguished friends. Grover Cleveland, who later became President of the United States, met Fanny Crosby as a young man, and they became lifelong friends.

The friend in the mansion was Phoebe Knapp, the daughter of a Methodist evangelist. When she was just sixteen years old, Phoebe married Joseph Fairchild Knapp, a young man who went on to found the Metropolitan Life Insurance Company. The Knapps worshiped at the John Street Methodist Church in lower Manhattan, which is where Fanny Crosby also worshiped –– and so a friendship was born. Phoebe, the wealthy matron, often invited Fanny, the blind hymn writer, to her palatial home.

Phoebe enjoyed music, and had a music room furnished with a collection of musical instruments. During one of Fanny’s visits, Phoebe invited her to the music room, where Phoebe sat down at the keyboard and played a tune that she had written. "What does that say," she asked? Fanny clapped her hands in delight and said, "That says, ‘Blessed assurance, Jesus is mine!’" And so a hymn was born.

During her lifetime, Fanny Crosby wrote eight thousand hymns, many of which became famous –– but "Blessed Assurance" just might be the most famous of all.

Today’s Worship Songs


(WARNING: many of the ads on YouTube are offensive to Christians and may contain swearing and immoral acts. I suggest you follow the instructions at the bottom of the page to play these songs without any commercials or ads)

The Love of God Can Do – Hillsong

Saving the World – Clay Crosse

My Redeemer Lives – Phillips, Craig & Dean

Holy Is Your Name – City on a Hill

Adoration – Newsboys

Take My Life – ALM UK

Break Me Through – Bebo Norman

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For information concerning our place and time of our Sunday worship call us at 514-451-4385 or 514-929-6098.

May Christ richly bless you!
Gerry Desjardins
Worship Pastor
The Servant’s House
175 McVey
LaSalle, Quebec, Canada

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