Today’s Worship – 03/29/2015

Today’s Scripture and Thought

He made the One who did not know sin to be sin for us, so that we might become the righteousness of God in Him. 2 Corinthians 5:21 HCSB

Sin is a stench to God and on your own there is no way you can come into His presence without the shedding of blood to cover your sin. In the Old Testament in Leviticus we read about the many preparations the High Priest had to go through to enter the Holy of holies in the Jewish temple. The Holy of holies was hidden behind a veil and only he could enter there to atone for the sins of the people.

But the high priest alone enters the second room, and he does that only once a year, and never without blood, which he offers for himself and for the sins of the people committed in ignorance. Hebrews 9:7

The veil represented a barrier that was between God and man because of sin. A person with sin could not go beyond that. So the high priest after preparing himself and sacrificing animals would go in once a year to make a sin offering on behalf of the people. Anybody else who tried to go in without being covered by the shedding of blood would die.

This is why Jesus came. To be a sin offering for us and once and for all tear down the veil of separation between us and God.  As Jesus cried out “It is finished!” on the cross, He was indeed proclaiming that God’s redemptive plan was now complete. The age of animal offerings was over. The ultimate offering had been sacrificed. At that moment the veil both  in heaven and earth was ripped from top to bottom. The barrier was gone and the punishment we should have received He took for us on the cross. He opened the way for all of to approach God without fear.

For the Messiah did not enter a sanctuary made with hands (only a model of the true one) but into heaven itself, so that He might now appear in the presence of God for us. He did not do this to offer Himself many times, as the high priest enters the sanctuary yearly with the blood of another. Otherwise, He would have had to suffer many times since the foundation of the world. But now He has appeared one time, at the end of the ages, for the removal of sin by the sacrifice of Himself. Hebrews 9:24-26

Therefore, brothers, since we have boldness to enter the sanctuary through the blood of Jesus, by a new and living way He has opened for us through the curtain (that is, His flesh),  and since we have a great high priest over the house of God, let us draw near with a true heart in full assurance of faith, our hearts sprinkled clean from an evil conscience and our bodies washed in pure water. Hebrew 10:19-22

In doing this Christ also imputed to us His righteousness and when we go before God it is the blood of Jesus and His righteousness that covers us. The only thing you need to do is to recognize the sacrifice He made for you and surrender your sin and life to Him.

Gerry Desjardins

Today’s Worship Songs

Click link and press Play All

1. In Tenderness – Citizens

2. Here For You – Matt Redman

3. Who You Say I Am – Among the Thirsty

4. There is a Fountain – Citizens & Saints

5. Joy – Planetshakers

6. Have Everything – David Dunn

7. Rest – Downhere

God bless and keep you –  Gerry Desjardins

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