Today’s Worship – 04/12/2015

Today’s Scripture and Thought

Praise the Lord, all nations!
Extol him, all peoples!
Psalm 117:1

The Hebrew word to worship loudly is Shabach

Strong’s #7623: shabach (pronounced shaw-bakh’)

a primitive root; properly, to address in a loud tone, i.e. (specifically) loud; figuratively, to pacify (as if by words):–commend, glory, keep in, praise, still, triumph.

Are you ready to get loud? Shabach means to address in a loud tone. It’s typically associated with freedom or triumph. But it’s more than just a loud shout, it’s the idea of putting everything you have into it. An attitude of wholehearted praise.

Scriptures to reference: Psalm 63:3-4 (We typically look at this psalm as soft cry of thirst in a dry place, but the words in these verses literally mean to SHOUT praises!)

This is pretty simple to illustrate. Ask people to stand up and shout a phrase (Hallelujah or Praise the Lord works great) together on the count of three! Encourage them to view it as a wholehearted expression of praise. One of the best comparisons for this is the spontaneous, electric cheers and yells that fans at a sporting event utter when something good happens to their team.

Today’s Worship Songs

Click link and press Play All

1. Rising Sun – All Sons & Daughters

2. Suffering Servant – Dustin Kensrue

3. Declaration od Dependence – Starfield

4. One God – Phil Wickham

5. Via Dolorosa – Leeland

6. Take Another Step – Steven Curtis Chapman

7. Cry Out to Jesus – Third Day


God bless and keep you –  Gerry Desjardins

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